Bhai Rajiv Raja was born on October 10, 1971, on the land of Bangar, into a prosperous Haryanvi big landlord family. He got his primary education in his native village Hasangarh, Gurukul of Kumbha. After completing his primary education, he obtained his senior secondary education from Chandigarh and completed his B.A and M.A (English) degree from Deshbandhu College Delhi. During this time he became involved in active student politics.

Bhai Rajiv Raja was the President of the Students' Association of the College in 1993–1994 and the President of the Student University of Delhi University in 1994–1995. In his childhood, Bhai Rajiv Raja was inspired by the biographies of great national devotees.

Bhai Rajiv Raja's family Sher-e-Sagaravanshi, his grandfather, Ch. Sher-khan, was the director of the Cooperative Society, Hisar. He was famous throughout the state as a great social worker and donor. He has donated his own land of several villages around him which were his own, as a donation to the public. After that, the grandfather of  Bhai Rajiv Raja,   Ch. Sherkhan was awarded the post of Rais-e-Azam.

Bhai Rajiv Raja's father, Master. Kehar Singh Ji worked as a teacher in the field of education. He was the head of the Arya Samaj. He was always the companion of the struggle of Jagat Tau Devilal. How Rajiv Raja, born in a family with such political, social and great ideas, would not be deprived of public service. After completing his education, Bhai Rajiv Raja, of his great men was determined to make public service, advancement and progress of the state, country, and region and plunged into active politics.

Bhai Rajiv Raja's father, Master Kehar Singh, was the regional head of the Indian National Lok Dal for 25 consecutive years. During this time, brother Rajiv Raja started politics with his father and got engaged in public service with him. Bhai Rajiv Raja was particularly inspired and influenced by the nationalist, socialist sentiment of the Indian National Lok Dal and became an active member of the INLD throughout the state.

This moment was such a step in his life that changed his life forever and made him aware of the public by vigorous walking and cycling tour all over the state under the leadership of INLD and by vigorously propagating the policies of Inld in the region. Moved the party to a height.

Bhai Rajiv Raja contested the Zilla Parishad election in 2000 and contested for the post of Director of the Cooperative Society in 2004. He then contested for MLA from Barwala Assembly in 2005. In 2009, Bhai Rajiv Raja contested for the election of MLA second time in Barwala assembly constituency.

His popularity in the area did not digest by some anti-social conspiracy politicians and Bhai Rajiv Raja had to go to jail in 2009 under the conspiracy. After a while, Bhai Rajiv Raja came out of jail after being proved innocent by the court.

On arrival, Ch. Omprakash Chautala Party Supremo of Indian National Lok Dal joined him in his party INLD. Today, under the leadership of Ch. Omprakash Chautala, Bhai Rajiv Raja is engaged in a struggle with Abhay Singh Chautala.


Bhai Rajiv Raja has been a great donor, social worker, businessman, employee and farmer laborer in his political journey till now. Contributed significantly to the education sector in 570 villages of the region and also sports goods were provided by him. Organized many sports in the area, provided employment to unemployed youth, helped the destitute, built many temples and donated money for the temples, mosques, and gurudwaras and provided electricity and water for the farmers. Humanity is the heart, Respect towards the elderly, the healer of the victims and Shaktisutra for the youth are all the characteristics of Bhai Rajiv Raja. Not only this, such characteristics cannot be described in words. Whenever a patient is having trouble in treatment or has to go to a far-flung hospital, Bhai Rajiv Raja himself is present in his service with his vehicle. In this way, not only are they serving humanity, but every heart is also becoming astonished. Apart from this, if a villager has problems related to electricity and water, then they are ready to solve it. Bhai Rajiv Raja often meets with the concerned officials to solve the problem of villagers and get the problem resolved quickly. The simplicity of Bhai Rajiv Raja that he often reaches the chopal and sits near the elderly and not only shares their problems but also solves them. Not only this, whenever they pass by a village, they meet the farmers and make every effort to solve their problems. Bhai Rajiv Raja has remained an inspiration to the youth of the region in his prosperous life. Rajiv Raja has a special identity in all sections in the region and his indelible mark in the hearts of the people.

Nights will be awake

The residents can sleep peacefully.


Our Mission

I will be working day and night for the prosperity, progress, progress, and progress of the region.

1. Plenty of water reaches every tail.
2. There should be plenty of electricity for irrigation in the fields.
3. Provision of clean water for drinking.
4. Every street and street in the area, village and city will be paved.
5. Technical education will be focused on making radical changes in the field of education.
6. Colleges and universities will be opened for a good education in the area.
7. The education hub will be made for students. There will be free travel facility.
8. Health centers will be opened for children, elderly and women.
9. The electricity system in the area will be improved. Solar plants will be set up.
10. Make such a system that every laborer gets timely wages.
11. I will provide new employment opportunities by ending unemployment from its roots.
12. Every head will get a roof, every hand will get work, every stomach will get bread, this is my goal.
13. The sewerage system will be improved by modernizing the drainage system in the residential area.
14. Particularly drastic measures will be taken to protect women.
15. Large stadiums will be constructed to promote sports in every village and town in the area. Sports equipment will be provided free. So that Haryana is in first place in the sports sector.
16. Rivers, canals, drains, and ravages will be paved for improvement in irrigation systems.
17. To promote industrialization, special facilities will be provided to investors and subsidized industries will be given interest at low rates.
18. Grain markets will be modernized.
19. Cold storage will be provided for the improvement of vegetable markets.
20. Appropriate steps will be taken for this to become a stray animal-free zone.
21. The area will be connected with metro and air traffic.
22. Farmers will not have any problem with selling crops.
23. In the vegetable market and in the grain market, the business class will not have any problem so that all problems will be overcome.

My dream, my effort - our region should become the head of the country.


Rajiv Raja


Creating ruckus is not my job

The appearance of the area should be changed in the true sense.